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Message from the Principal, Mr. G. Jack Spatola

Dear Parents, Students, and Community,

Welcome to our website!

At P.S. 172, we pride ourselves in developing a highly individualized and creative 
instructional experience for all of our students. This individualization begins at the curriculum level. Throughout the year, grade level teams made up of teachers, coaches, and administrators work together to write and/or revise curriculum in all subject areas. The curriculum and the order in which it is taught is reflective of the Common Core learning standards and more importantly is reflective of the unique needs of our students.This curriculum, when paired with our school’s unrivaled instructional program, is the foundation upon which our school’s success is built.

P.S. 172’s instructional program is based on a collaborative model of instruction. In this model, intervention and/or enrichment services are provided to students in flexible groups, by grade specific collaborative teachers and service providers 
between 3 and 5 periods each day. The grade specificity is crucial because it ensures that our collaborative teachers and service providers are part of the yearlong curriculum planning and the ongoing professional development work of the grade. During periods of collaborative instruction, two or more parallel lessons are being delivered simultaneously. Each lesson is customized to meet the needs of the specific group of students the teacher is working with.  After each lesson, the teachers and service providers further individualize each child’s instructional experience by working with individual students or targeted groups of students, helping them refine their independent application of the skills and strategies learned.   

It is gratifying to share that we are making a difference in our students’ academic and artistic growth. Academically, our students scored so well on the Spring 2014 ELA and Math Exams that P.S. 172 ranked seventh (#7) overall in the entire State of New York for our students' performance on the ELA and Math assessments, and we are currently ranked first (#1) in Math in the entire City of New York. Artistically, P.S. 172 was recognized and featured in the recently released NYCDOE Report of the Arts in Schools because of the multitude of after school enrichment offerings and regular school day instruction available in the visual arts, in music, in theatre arts, and in dance.  

I am proud to say that P.S. 172 is a premier academic and arts focused school.

G. Jack Spatola, Principal, P.S. 172, The Beacon School of Excellence