School Leadership Team (SLT)

All public schools in New York State are mandated to have a SLT, whose purpose it is to create the Comprehensive Education Plan and make decisions about the budget that will allow the plan to be implemented. The SLT is a place where parents, administrators and staff members have an opportunity to communicate regularly and share ideas.

All SLT members serve a two-year period.  SLTs shall include a minimum of 50% parents and a maximum of 50% staff. The principal, PTA President and UFT rep (or their designees) are automatically on the team. Other members are elected by their constituencies at special meetings held for that purpose.  

Meetings are held every third Tuesday of the month at 4:45 pm in the auditorium and are open to all observers. Meeting dates are listed on the school calendar.

2016-17 SLT Members:

 Core Members (3):
 Mr. G. Jack Spatola, Principal
 Ms. Zuccaro, U.F.T. Chapter Chair
 Ms. Alexa Aviles, PTA President

 Parent Representatives (6):           

 Ms. Isabel Draves
 Ms. Yeidy Angelucci- Trejo
 Ms. Faozia Alijibawi
 New representatives soon to be announced

 Staff Representatives:        

New representatives soon to be announced

 D.C. 37 Representative:
 New representatives soon to be announced

SLT Agendas & Meeting Minutes