Welcome To The 2019-2020 School Year At P.s. 172! We Are Excited To Be Your Children’s Cluster Teachers This Year. Generally, We See Your Children Once A Week For 50 Minutes.

Physical Education
Mr. Manley
Class Description: Mr. Manley teaches Physical Education to grades Pre-k through 5th. Students will participate in a variety of physically active units including Personal Fitness, Team Sports and Locomotor Skills. Students will display Cooperation, Teamwork, And Sportsmanship during all activities. Students are expected to come to class prepared, ready to participate and put forth their best effort. Please wear sneakers with laces or straps that are tied tightly.  Students wearing sandals, crocs, or slippers may not be able to participate.

Mr. Mannino

Mr. Mannino teaches music to grades PRE-K through 5th grade. In music, students will have the opportunity to sing, play instruments and explore the many different elements of music. The students will engage in activities reinforcing elements of music such as pitch, beat/rhythm, form, timbre, and musical expression. In the lower grades, students stay engaged by singing, playing musical instruments and playing musical games in order to help familiarize them with the elements of music. In the upper grades, the students each receive their own grade specific instrument and work from the selected repertoire in their packets with guided help from Mr. Mannino. 

Coming Prepared:

Students in 3rd grade must bring their recorder and recorder packet to school on the days they have music.

Students in 4th grade must bring their Glockenspiel instruments and packet to school on the days they have music.

Students in 5th grade must bring their keyboard instruments and packet to school on the days they have music.


Christine Decker

Class Description: Students Will Engage In Exciting Experiences That Will Motivate Them To Develop The Skills And Knowledge That They Need To Be Successful Scientists And Learners. Children Will Become Hands-on Learners And Will Be Exposed To Opportunities To Develop Their Observational, Problem Solving And Critical Thinking Skills. Through Inquiry And The Use Of Challenging And Stimulating Materials Students Will Increase Their Knowledge Base And Foster Their Natural Curiosity Of The World Around Them.
Coming Prepared: Students In 1st Through 5th Grade Need A Notebook, Folder, And A Pencil. Students In Grades 3 Through 5 Need To Have Their Homework /projects Completed When They Are Assigned.

Ms. Dunn

Students will explore a wide variety of art materials (drawing, collage, printmaking, 3D construction, sculpture, puppetry, animation, textiles, and painting) to express their artistic vision. The arts curriculum is aligned with the NYC Blueprint for the Arts as well as the NYSED Learning Standards and the National Core Arts Standards. Students will develop growth mindsets by learning about the Eight Studio Habits of Mind (Observe, Develop Craft, Engage/pPersist, Envision, Understand Art Worlds, Stretch/Explore, and Reflect). Students will also learn about a wild range of contemporary, historical and community artists. Please contact Ms. Dunn if you or a family member wish to share your art practice with our students. Students will be using water soluble materials (aka “washable” paint). However, sometimes these materials may create stains. On art days, please send your child in “art clothes” that can be washed in hot water.

Art Classroom Donations Appreciated: Baby Wipes, Clorox Wipes, Paper Towels 

Ms. Todras
Class Description: Ms. Todras Teaches Dance To Grades Kindergarten Through 5. Students Learn About Cultural, Historical And Contemporary Dance Forms And Choreographers, Exploring A Range Of Movement Activities And Developing Skills In Dance-making, Improvisation And Choreography. Students Share Their Practice And Creations In Performances For Their Peers And Sometimes For You! Our Dance Curriculum Is Aligned With Nys Arts Learning Standards As Well As The NYC Blueprint For Teaching And Learning In Dance. Coming Prepared: All Students Should Come To School Wearing Sneakers And Comfortable, Moveable Clothing (No Jeans, Please). Students Who Are Not Great At Tying Their Laces Should Wear Velcro Or Slip On Sneakers On Dance Days.